You don't need to struggle for cash whilst you wait for your next payday
At Monergie, we believe that you should be able to access the money that you have worked for, whenever you need it. With the Monergie app, you can do just that and more.
Monergie allows you to withdraw part of your salary anytime, as you earn it.
Monergie withdraw salary
Download the App
Connect with employment information
Check your balance
Withdraw what you want
The money is in your bank account within seconds of clicking a button.
All we’re asking is that you pay a £3 flat fee every time you withdraw money. This is just to cover our costs, we don't make money off your back.
We do not share your personal activity with your employer, or anybody else for that matter.
Not a loan
This money is yours, therefore: No interests; No penalties; No credit score check.
We do not touch your payslip. We give you visibility over your earnings and provide you all reports.
And more…
We provide the financial information you were never given at school, we provide tools for budgeting when you’re ready, and if you need to discreetly speak to a financial adviser, we’ll offer that too!
Let us know if you want us to get in touch with your employer
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